The Liminal is a podcast about conscious metaphysical speculation and the future of minds created by Christopher Butler.


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Latest Update:

Episode 7 is nearing completion. Bundle up, because where we’re going, it’s very, very cold… Nov 28, 2017


Previous Updates:

Episode 6 is out! Oct 30, 2017

Episode 6 is on the way… Have you ever had the sense that all of this has happened before? This time, we’re taking a closer look at deja vu… Stay tuned. Will be on your pods before Halloween! Oct 23, 2017

Episode 5 is out! Listen for the strange stories that seem to predict the future, stay for the remote viewing, tulpas, Wilhelm scream, and time machine conspiracy theories… Sept 23, 2017

Episode 5 is coming soon! It’s about predicting the future, but not in the ways you’d think. Instead, we’ll look at works of fiction that told stories which eventually became real events… Sept 1, 2017

Episode 4 is out this week. It’s the first episode with a guest, and we’ll talk about psychedelics and isolation tanks — jailbreaking the hardware, basically… Aug 13, 2017

Episode 3 is out! If you’ve ever wanted a sonic tour of the solar system, strange sounds from the oceans and the sky, and the recorded cries of the dead, this show is for you… Aug 1, 2017

Episode 3 is coming soon… It’s about the sound of cosmic bodies…Jul 24, 2017

Episode 2 is out! It’s about dreams, out of body experiences, and hemi-sync…Jul 20, 2017

We’re up and running! Episode 1 is available on your favorite podcast channels (iTunes, Google Play, PocketCasts, and Soundcloud). — Jul 18, 2017

I’ve got hosting now for the episodes and am awaiting approval from Apple, Google Play, and Pocket Casts. Should be any day now… — Jul 17, 2017

A few episodes are already recorded and produced. I just need to get the website done and a few more eps before this thing is ready for the public — Jul 10, 2017

I’ve got a few interviews lined up for upcoming episodes on isolation tanks and esoteric societies. — Jun 12, 2017

Episode 1 is done! — Jun 1, 2017

Hello, world! Getting a decent URL is kind of hard for a baby step ;) — May 20, 2017




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